Here's what our customers say about SMOG MASTER:

"SMOG MASTER! Where have you been all my life?! Best POS System I have ever used. Quick, reliable, professional looking, and most of all - Best Tech Support! Having four Test-Only Stations with the new SMOG SERVER software sure gives me the flexibility to do my other duties rather than constantly chasing after my technicians to get End-Of-Day reports done right. Ask for a FREE trial copy, with no strings attached - or call me for an appointment at one of my stores in Southern CA or the Bay Area for a real Hands-On experience."
- Jack, "Loyal Customer" (Multiple locations) - (818) 335-3711

"Thank you SMOG MASTER for your POS software - it has really improved the quality of our customer service through the computer generated invoices, customer data storage, postal smog check reminder, but best of all - in the money our company has saved in printers' fees."
- Satisfied Customer, Pacific Smog Check & Test Only - Santa Monica, CA

"I am the owner/operator of a Test-Only Center located in Southern California, and have been using Clear Sky Systems' SMOG MASTER electronic invoice generator for the past 2 years. Like most smog centers, I had been using handwritten invoices for many years and wished for a better system to help categorize and keep better track of my customers, and to easily retrieve past invoices. All my needs were answered by the Clear Sky SMOG MASTER invoicing system. The software is also capable of generating mailers to inform past customers of when they next need to smog test their vehicle. It is easy to set up and simple to operate, and all it takes is a few steps to generate an invoice promptly. Furthermore, this system looks more professional and legitimate, and it also scores big points with the BAR reps and proves to them you have nothing to hide."
- Moses, Alhambra Smog, Alhambra

"Thanks Clear Sky Systems! I am very happy with the SMOG MASTER program and would recommend this software to anyone who has a smog shop. Ever since I signed up, my company has become more efficient and easier to manage. I have also been getting compliments from clients on the new invoices. I wanted to thank you for being courteous and professional any time I have had questions."
- Ed, In and Out Smog, Burbank

"Great program, easy to learn and use. Meets all of BAR's rules for estimates and invoices. Won't let you make a mistake. Great reports that let you analyze your customer base, customer sources, and follow ups for next renewals."
- Roger, Lodi Quick Smog, Lodi

"Clear Sky Systems' software is fantastic. It does everything you want with no bloat and no crashes. I have used other programs and Clear Sky's SMOG MASTER saves me hours every week. It does everything it's supposed to do, quickly, and gets out of the way. Great program, and great people too at Clear Sky Systems. Thanks!"
- Darrell, Five Star Smog, Canyon Country

"The SMOG MASTER program is great! I wish I had started using it sooner. It saves quite a bit of time with the Drivers' License and DMV registration readers. My employees find it very easy to use and even our customers are impressed with the technology."
- Brian, Owner, Smog King (2 locations)

"Being a one-man shop, I love the speed of SMOG MASTER. As soon as I scan the bar code and put in the mileage, I'm done with the paperwork! I can test the car and go on to the next one."
- Colen, Smog Test Only Centers, Thousand Oaks

"In a busy shop, not having to spend time on paperwork while getting it right every time means a lot to us. We do our own books, and the daily reports make a great source of info."
- Steve & Mark, Smog Test Only Centers, Newhall

See for yourself why shop owners love SMOG MASTER - download a FULLY FUNCTIONAL copy of SMOG MASTER now with NO OBLIGATION!

For a limited time, we are offering a special FREE trial that allows you to use ALL features of the software to create and manage 150 work orders - you can then activate the system with a key provided by Clear Sky Systems.

All your data from the free trial will be available in SMOG MASTER after activation - You have nothing to lose, and MUCH to gain!
  • Easy to use - simple and quick work order and invoice creation.

  • Costs the same or LESS than manual handwritten work orders!

  • NO typing required - uses a barcode scanner and card reader!

  • Automatically completes name, address, and vehicle info for repeat customers.

  • Complies with all BAR regulations.

  • Generate daily deposit reports and other valuable bookkeeping information.

  • SMOG MASTER meets or exceeds the requirements of the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) as stated in their publication
    Write it RIGHT, a guide for licensed Smog Check Stations and Technicians.

  • For a limited time, we are offering our free trial that allows you to create 150 work orders - AND we will provide you with technical support AND training at no cost!

  • At the end of the trial period, should you decide not to become a customer, you will still have saved up to $100 on pre-printed manual invoice forms. We can only make this special offer for a limited time, however we are confident that once you use SMOG MASTER you will never use manual work orders again!

For more information on SMOG MASTER, please contact us or call us at (760) 902-0864.