SMOG MASTER is the only full service work order software designed specifically for Test-Only Stations!
Now you can automate work orders and invoices and regain control of your business!

And SMOG MASTER costs the same or LESS than handwritten work orders!

"If it were any simpler, I wouldn't have to do anything! SMOG MASTER makes my shop look professional and all my data is available at a glance. I can control my shop down to the smallest detail - I recommend this software very highly." - Neal, $40 Smog, Canyon Country
  • Easy to use - simple and quick work order and invoice creation.

  • Costs the same or LESS than manual handwritten work orders! Never buy work orders again!

  • NO typing required - uses a barcode scanner and card reader!

  • NOT a web-based system so your customer and invoice data isn't stored on the "cloud" where it can be hacked or destroyed!

  • Automatically completes name, address, and vehicle info for repeat customers.

  • Complies with all BAR regulations.

  • Generate daily deposit reports and other valuable bookkeeping information.

  • NEW! Track your inventory easily and quickly!

  • SMOG MASTER meets or exceeds the requirements of the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) as stated in their publication
    Write it RIGHT, a guide for licensed Smog Check Stations and Technicians.

  • For a limited time, we are offering our FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD that allows you to create and manage 150 work orders - a period during which the software is FULLY FUNCTIONAL! PLUS we will provide you with technical support AND training at no cost to you!

  • At the end of the trial period, should you decide not to become a customer, you will still have saved up to $100 on pre-printed manual invoice forms. We can only make this special offer for a limited time, however we are confident that once you use SMOG MASTER you will never use manual work orders again!

For more information on SMOG MASTER, please contact us or call us at (760) 902-0864.

EXISTING Smog Master customers - download the latest UPGRADE version HERE
(This download will only function if you already have Smog Master installed)