Why do I need a software program for my shop?
SMOG MASTER costs the same or LESS than what you are currently paying for manual handwritten work orders, and saves you time creating, filing, and managing work orders. With sophisticated and easy-to-produce reports, SMOG MASTER also gives you valuable insight into how your shop is performing. In this very competitive industry, SMOG MASTER give you a big advantage over other smog shops. SMOG MASTER also shows your customers that you are a professional - it gives your shop an expert look, setting you a step above the average smog shop.

Why should I choose SMOG MASTER over another auto service program?
SMOG MASTER costs the same or LESS than what you are currently paying for manual handwritten work orders! With SMOG MASTER software, you enjoy the benefits of having sophisticated, easy-to-use work order software at no extra cost!

What sets SMOG MASTER apart from other auto-service software is the fact that SMOG MASTER is custom-designed specifically for the way test-only smog shops operate, and SMOG MASTER makes the work order and invoice process easy and fast. Using a barcode scanner or card reader, there is NO need to type - simply scan the information into SMOG MASTER and be assured that you have perfectly accurate vehicle and customer information.

AND other systems store your invoice and customer data on the "cloud" on the Internet, where it could be hacked or destroyed. SMOG MASTER stores ALL your data on your local PC, where only YOU have access to it!

What other benefits can I get from SMOG MASTER?
SMOG MASTER gives you reports that help you analyze your business and provide valuable insight into improving how your operation runs - where your customers live, what coupons are bringing business to your shop, how effective your advertising dollars are being used, and more!

Plus, with SMOG MASTER you are able to build a valuable database of information about your customers, and ensure that they remain YOUR customers!

What about BAR requirements and Write it RIGHT?
SMOG MASTER is fully BAR compliant and the requirements for creating estimates and invoices in smog shops were taken fully into account when creating SMOG MASTER, including all Write it RIGHT requirements.

SMOG MASTER handles even the smallest and most detailed BAR requirements. With SMOG MASTER you can be assured that any BAR paperwork audit will be smooth and easy.

Can I use customer data for sending coupons or other valuable offers to my existing customers?
Yes!! This is one of our best features in SMOG MASTER. As you continually develop a valuable database of customer information while using SMOG MASTER, you can export this data to easily readable reports that can be used for any purpose you like - send biennial smog test reminders, thank you cards, special offers, oil change reminders - the limit is only in your advertising imagination!

Will I still need custom work orders?
No, you do not need to continue buying expensive custom work orders. However, we do recommend that you keep a small supply of manual work orders handy in case your computer has hardware or power system failures.

What do I get with SMOG MASTER?
Clear Sky Systems is committed to full support for all of our customers. We provide next-business-day support for all problems you have with SMOG MASTER (requires DSL or Cable Modem internet connection.)

You also get free regular updates to the VIN number database, updates to the vehicle make/model database, updates to the zip code database, and FREE software updates as they become available.

What if I own multiple shops?
Great news for multi-shop owners - SMOG SERVER is now available. This software consolidates all information from your shops daily into one computer! Now you can see sales information from all of your shops directly from your desktop. This software also includes powerful sales tools, deposit reports, employee sales tracking, and certificate audit reporting.

Download the FREE trial version of SMOG MASTER today! For more information on SMOG MASTER and SMOG SERVER please contact us or call us at (760) 902-0864.